Spencer V "South Orange County Real Estate club is a great place, ran by great people, with great ideas"(Spencer Vann: Owner of Vann Investments).

Ryan M  “ This is an excellent club, the meetings deliver quality content and speakers, they're motivating, and the club leaders are deliberate about providing opportunities to network and grow your real estate investing business. Very transparent and down-to-earth, no selling. Loving it. ”


Melvin B. Great - a serious group of investors 

Kathy B “ Everyone was very friendly. I learned alot! ”


Sherry Good - I loved the meetings.

Sam S “ Great meetings, a lot of good information! ”

Mike P “ All thanks go to David...Can't wait for next month! ”

Usha C “ Excellent ”

Stan M “ Glad I attended. ”

John K “ Very productive, with real investors attending and great presenters. ”

Han O “ Great meetup. Very informative and useful for newbies and with excellent networking opportunities for experienced investors. Highly recommend it! ”

Gorton V “ I think David and Luana are good leaders, sincerely enjoy their business and attract like minded business people. This is a good thing, it exemplifies the concept that where the needle goes the thread follows and we all need to practice more of that. ”

CK “ Fantastic meetup for anyone looking to learn more about real estate and actually get involved ”

Dean H “ There is a wide range of investment experience that is a welcome and comforting surprise. ”

Audrey “ This is a friendly and informative Meetup, and I enjoyed that David gave everyone an extra nudge to network. Luana was also fantastic. I'll definitely be back. ”

Gary W. “ Great group.....Huge potential...... ”

Jenifer S “I really liked this group and felt very welcome for a first timer. ”