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Cash Flow Game Night Thursday January 5, 2017

We are playing our 2nd cash flow game. If you missed the first one it was a blast. We will start at 6:30PM sharp & continue for 2 hours.

Fine-tune your investment strategies now. CF 101 is an educational boardgame that teaches real-estate, decision making, accounting, finance, & investing and makes learning fun!

You will have a fun evening!

Craft your financial strategy to get out of the Rat Race using real estate, business, the stock market and master CASHFLOW – The Investing Game!

Based on the original board game by Robert Kiyosaki proclaimed as “Monopoly® on Steroids” by USA Today, hone your financial strategy and claw your way out of the Rat Race to build your CASHFLOW Empire and claim dominion over the realm (realm being your living room)!

Begin CASHFLOW in the Rat Race working in a variety of professions while you implement your investment strategy to become the next business or real estate mogul. Avoid the pitfalls of bad deals, friends asking for handouts, lawsuits, and getting laid off from your job.

There will be a $10 fee collected at the door to cover the cost for the night.

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