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Orange County Real Estate news

Orange County Market New:

  • Inventory of homes 5,016

  • 30-year fixed interest rate 3.97%

  • Median price for a house is $657,000.00

  • 44% of inventory are homes $1 Million or more

  • Rents are up 5.2 %

  • The median house price is up 5.1% from a year ago

Thinking of selling your house - A few key points that help out:

  • Use a professional photographer

  • Hide the extras (dirty dishes, decorations, etc)

  • get the landscape looking good - curb appeal

  • Repairs any cracks in the driveway

  • Paint the exterior

  • Repair or replace roof if needed

  • Make the garage look good

We are still in a hot market

Our next meeting is Thursday April 27th at the Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills

You can sign up at

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